Gaming on the Sega Omega Drive & the PC Engine SD


Just a few shots of the Sega Omega Drive playing the very excellent Contra: Hard Corps! I played with an Everdrive as the game has reached a rediculous price-tag, but I gotta say – It’s almost worth a slapped wallet.

The video output is a 640×480 VGA signal from an SLG-in-a-Box by Arcade Forge converting SCART RGB signal from a Genesis 2 board and pushing it through a scanline generator.

Hooking up the PC Engine SD via SCART to the Sega Omega Drive to play one of the best versions of R-Type, the grimey Alien Crush and the excellent Bonk!

The video output does not go through the SLG-in-a-box, but rather a scanline generator to SCART/HD converter. This allows both the Genesis board and external console to play in parallel, with a secondary monitor.

Good Times.


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