All roads lead to China


My Fellow Retronions

It has been a bit radio silent for a while over here at Chez SFP, so for those who want the quick-fire update and skip the entire story, check it:

  • The rough CAD designs were finished by our Serbian development team, and look good!
  • The engineer and I are working on extra features of the SFP Arcade Shield SFP
  • A new connection for case production has been established with a French-Chinese science team
  • This connection will:
    • Use a prototype, mockups and CAD design to give us a cost estimate
    • Develop soft-molding tools to produce 100 cases
    • Produce packaging with original artwork
    • Manage assembly and testing of the units (cost-permitting)

The pre-order announcement date is still not known, it will be announced when the complete per-unit cost has been estimated.


The Life Fantastic
So, what’s been going on? I haven’t been posting a lot because my personal life has gotten very busy indeed. We got a little boy this summer named Dax and parenthood is pretty heavy. Not difficult per se, but very time-intensive. Additionally, I’ve entered the last half year of my PhD and things are speeding up – deadlines are mounting and the pressure to publish is increasing. Many of my friends have abandoned a career in academia, going into technology startups and I gotta tell you… it’s tempting. Anyway, that’s not the point; you wanna know what’s happening with the STARFORCE PI, right?!

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts & blogs, the difficulty lies in finding a good solution to produce 100 cases. For 1 case you can go the route of 3D-printing, for 1000+ cases you can go the route of injection molding tools intended for mass-production. Of course the first is good for prototyping, and the latter is our final goal, but in the meantime we were left finding a good solution, and this was tough.

But! We were able to find a producer in Shenzhen, China. We got in touch with a French-Chinese tech collective over there, and they were very interested!

We should be able to present some concept structure of the case design soon. In parallel, I’ve been discussing with our engineer to see if we can include some cool options discovered on arcade & engineering forums, and if these ideas can be implemented by our engineer in a cost-effective Arcade Shield PCB, we’ll have a very merry X-mas indeed. SO! We’ve been quiet, but we’ve not been sitting still – hang in there folks. Additionally, I’ve been working on a new console build after the STARFORCE NEO… it’s a good one.


The Sega Omega Drive
My latest console creation is gonna be a killer, built around my childhood console, the Sega Genesis. It’s not completely wired up yet and it still looks rough, but it should be impressive! I’ve been working on it for quite a few months, so as a teaser I’ll share the control panel. It’s made to accept pretty much every video feed, so all consoles can pretty much work on this monster system.


You’ve got questions? Totally understandable, drop us a line at under the header ‘Q&A’ and I’ll be sure to get back soon. Alternatively, the blog, twitter and facebook are good options. Game On!



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