Console & Arcade Gaming!

let’s see what this baby can do… 

Now with an upgraded magnification window, making your 5″ VGA screen near 7″ of monstrous arcade gameplay! Let’s see how some of my favorite Konami, Capcom and SNK classics respond to premium Seimitsu button mashing with razersharp videoplayback!

After the top video featuring Arcade-only Games, we cover Console Gaming on the STARFORCE PI! With 23 games from different consoles that look great on the large magnified window,and work flawlessly with different controllers, in 2 player mode, and even on an HD monitor!

That’ll be the last teaser video I make on the STARFORCE PI – the next video will be on pre-ordering and producing details, so stay tuned!


5 thoughts on “Console & Arcade Gaming!

  1. A little concerned about the reflection / glare with the magnification window. Otherwise I am very excited: This system is exactly what I want, oldschool gaming with arcade controls in a small package that looks great to boot.

    I already have Hartmut’s mini arcade system, it is fully functional but I can’t find time for soldering and even though it is fun, it does not have the same quality controls (why yes, I DO spend too much money on toys)

    Can’t wait!!


    1. Understandable concern 🙂 The screen is bright, sunken quite deep in the device and in relative darkness, so the visibility isn’t heavily affected. Unless you’ve positioned yourself very unfortunately relative to the lightsource, you can still game. Thanks for the kind remarks, I hope we can get this system out soon. Hartmut’s arcade kit was certainly a good starting point, but we’ve since then moved on and hopefully the upgrades will make it easier for people to get modding themselves without too much soldering 😛



  2. guys is there a mailing list or some way of knowing when you post a new article?
    I try to remember to check your website once a month but I’m terrified of missing the first batch of pre-orders


    1. You know what, you’re right Joao, quite a few people requested this and I just haven’t been able to get around to it (eventhough it’s a small thing to set up). I’ll get this up as soon possible, probably this weekend 🙂 Thanks for reminding me, cheers!


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