Feedback Matters…

…and listening benefits us greatly!

The fresnel lens window was something that I had all but abandoned in the last SFP video, but you guys really encouraged me to find another solution, and so here we are with a really awesome huge screen, covering almost the entire window! It’s also made me revisit the Arcade Shield (the connectivity board between the RasPi and controls/power/video/etc) to jam more arcade-true features into it. A video comparing the latest SFP videoplayback and emulation with the SFNeo is on its way, but for the time being: check out the significant video playback upgrade in pictures.


I know it’s slow-going, sorry for that, we’re all working full-time jobs and have families. We want to make sure we get all the important parts right and have very clear production agreements before we take pre-orders. This particular unit is being shipped to the production company in Serbia we’re working with for a design update and a new rough CAD design which will be used for the production estimate. Once we have this final estimate, we will calculate the per-unit production price, negotiate contracts with vendors and start the pre-order campaign.


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