Console & Arcade Gaming!

let’s see what this baby can do… 

Now with an upgraded magnification window, making your 5″ VGA screen near 7″ of monstrous arcade gameplay! Let’s see how some of my favorite Konami, Capcom and SNK classics respond to premium Seimitsu button mashing with razersharp videoplayback!

After the top video featuring Arcade-only Games, we cover Console Gaming on the STARFORCE PI! With 23 games from different consoles that look great on the large magnified window,and work flawlessly with different controllers, in 2 player mode, and even on an HD monitor!

That’ll be the last teaser video I make on the STARFORCE PI – the next video will be on pre-ordering and producing details, so stay tuned!


Feedback Matters…

…and listening benefits us greatly!

The fresnel lens window was something that I had all but abandoned in the last SFP video, but you guys really encouraged me to find another solution, and so here we are with a really awesome huge screen, covering almost the entire window! It’s also made me revisit the Arcade Shield (the connectivity board between the RasPi and controls/power/video/etc) to jam more arcade-true features into it. A video comparing the latest SFP videoplayback and emulation with the SFNeo is on its way, but for the time being: check out the significant video playback upgrade in pictures.


I know it’s slow-going, sorry for that, we’re all working full-time jobs and have families. We want to make sure we get all the important parts right and have very clear production agreements before we take pre-orders. This particular unit is being shipped to the production company in Serbia we’re working with for a design update and a new rough CAD design which will be used for the production estimate. Once we have this final estimate, we will calculate the per-unit production price, negotiate contracts with vendors and start the pre-order campaign.