Finding Fresnel & Tate

We’re moving into a more ambitious territory with our SFP, seeying whether we can increase the features we pack into it, without increasing the cost. Something we’re certainly pursuing is the possibility of Magnification and Tate (vertical screen orientation):


Some of the more interesting arcade cabinets had a protective window that also acted like a magnifying lens. These were Fresnel lenses, and they support a large aperture and short focal length, without having the mass and thickness of a conventional lens. It was a feature that would blow up smaller displays to an impressive size, and gave a very distinct viewing behavior. It was something present in the original version of the SFP prototype, appropriated from the original Grandstand Star Force tabletop, and it’s something we wanted to add to the SFP. The effect with the little screen is most impressive, but does cause poor viewing angles and is difficult to produce from scratch. Luckily, we have found a lens producer in China that can make these lenses from different materials, in different sizes! So we’re waiting for a few samples of different focal lengths from them to see the best fitting magnification for the SFP.


A lot of the shoot’mups had vertically orientated monitors, also know as Tate in japanese. These games are generally distorted when played in conventional horizontal orientation (Yoko), so for those dedicated shmupjunkies out there, we’ve designed the internal screen mount inside the SFP in such a way that you can orientate and fix between vertical/horizontal orientation.


These features could be considered as details, but the best arcade experience lies in recreating those details as much as possible. We hope you agree 🙂

UPDATE 22/06/2016

Looks like Magnification is back on the menu, boys! I found a very good lens grinder in China that can cut 2mm acrylic fresnel lenses to size and in volume! I’ll install one into the SFP this week and check the effects, he sent me 3 samples with different focal lengths, so now I’ll check which ones work the best and show you the result!