New Videoscreen & Switchable Button Plates!

Let’s Kick it into TURBO!

We’re adding a big videoscreen upgrade to the STARFORCE PI, from 4.2 inch 16:9 aspect ratio at 320×240 resolution, to a vivid 5 inch 4:3 aspect ratio screen with 640×480 resolution! Also, we’re adding  a Switchable Button Plate system so users can customize their own button configuration, supporting up to 6x Arcade Buttons. Check the video to see it in action!

I had to look all over China to find a 4:3 aspect ratio 5″ VGA screen, but finally found one manufacturer still doing these! With the increased screen size, the magnified window wasn’t really needed anymore and, eventhough it was a cool effect, it caused some pretty lousy viewing angles. It was also difficult to find a cost-effective way to produce these windows. So we changed it for a simple flat transparant window to protect the screen and keep the sunken arcade effect. It’s easily changed when damaged, and colored, tinted or even glass windows are possible.

This is also the case for the transparant plastic button plate, which will be a simple rectangle shape, allowing user to make their own version, with custom marquees beneath it.


Pretty cool right? Give us some feedback on what you think! I know it’s still a little rough looking, but this SFP version was directed at functional upgrades more than anything, the final version will be a lot more polished.

Find more on the STARFORCE PI development on this blog, and on social media:


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