The SFNeo MVS Multicart

Good Times Retronions! So far I’ve burned myself twice with a soldering iron and melted part of the case, so I took a break and made something a little easier, but with a great potential for creativity: the SFNeo Multicart. I bought a 161-in-1 MVS Multicart in screaming yellow shell, and slammed it into a beat-up Fatal Fury Special AES cart with soft box.


I altered and refurbished the shell to fit the MVS PCB, added new inserts and label, and finished with a nice logo for the new console. It’s pretty sweet! The 161 in 1 is bull though, because there are 97 actual games on there and the rest are all hacks of these games (infinite lives, continues, what have you). But still, it has a lotta good games and it runs well on the M1B board.

Now we’re continuing with building the actual console to fit this bad-boy in 🙂



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