Oldschool Gaming Mags

I finally received my physical copy of RetroGamer Magazine today, in which we’ve got our little arcade bad-boy featured on page 6-7! Very cool, and very exciting to see. Reading killer gaming magazines like Mean Machines in the 90s was the only way for me to get the latest reviews, gamenews, cheats and hints, and a fun way to essentially read sponsored gaming content.

But, it was a monthly treat that I could experience again with RetroGamer Magazine, with the added kick of seeying our own kick-ass STARFORCE PI. Hopefully we can repeat this again in the future with new builds and production devices. Get your own copy here, and read the article here!

Mean Machine – Ma main Mag of the 90s!


The SFNeo MVS Multicart

Good Times Retronions! So far I’ve burned myself twice with a soldering iron and melted part of the case, so I took a break and made something a little easier, but with a great potential for creativity: the SFNeo Multicart. I bought a 161-in-1 MVS Multicart in screaming yellow shell, and slammed it into a beat-up Fatal Fury Special AES cart with soft box.


I altered and refurbished the shell to fit the MVS PCB, added new inserts and label, and finished with a nice logo for the new console. It’s pretty sweet! The 161 in 1 is bull though, because there are 97 actual games on there and the rest are all hacks of these games (infinite lives, continues, what have you). But still, it has a lotta good games and it runs well on the M1B board.

Now we’re continuing with building the actual console to fit this bad-boy in 🙂