GAME OVER: Continue?

Unfortunately, we didn’t reach our funding goal. It’s a shame, we would’ve liked to see our backers opening their awesome STARFORCE PIs next Xmas, but as we mentioned before: it ain’t over!

We will have to amend our strategy and focus on a more cost-effective way to produce a smaller volume of systems. Your involvement has convinced us to keep developing for the SFP, and we’ve gained some valuable attributes through this campaign, such as:

  • Excellent interactions and suggestions from a very involved gaming community.
  • A 171 people willing to pledge nearly 49.000 euro to get an SFP – this is huge!
  • Increased international visibility and interest in the system, covered by dozens of online forums, blogs & journals.
  • A financial threshold which will help determine the scale of our next development platform.


We’ve already started outlining how we will proceed, and in the New Year we’ll be able to present a more concrete plan to make the STARFORCE PI come alive! Some potential avenues may include:

  • Offering the system as a kit
  • Bringing out a small pilot batch of 50-150 units
  • Switching from durable injection molding tools to more low-cost production alternatives
  • Shifting to independent pre-ordering
  • Implementing crowdsourcing for testing, assembly, and shipping

We thank you all again for supporting us with the Ultimate Dimensions in Portable Arcade Gaming, and especially to those who pledged to the campaign – you are awesome, thanks a lot. To be Continued!

Marcel J. de Haan & Hartmut Wendt

SFP Development Team



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