Pause Game.

People have voiced their concerns about not reaching our funding goal, and these are very legitimate, as we’re currently about 25% of the way and only have a few days left. What will happen if we don’t make it? The only consequence is that we won’t produce the system according to the project description outlined within the Kickstarter campaign. However, the funding total at the end of the campaign will serve as a financial benchmark for further development, and will be used to amend our development strategy. It can also be used to convince potential investors of the viability of the system, which means it’s important to keep support going, regardless of the outcome. So please don’t cancel your pledge because you think we won’t make the funding goal, your initial willingness to pledge is a vital bit of statistics which goes towards bringing the STARFORCE PI to life in the near future!

On a personal note: though it may seem a bit bleak to reach only a quarter of the funding goal, we’re delighted that 160+ people have pledged over 46.000 euro in support of our console, and that has certainly given us the confidence to continue. Thanks!



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