First Week!

First of all, thanks to all our backers for seeing the potential and fun of our killer arcade console, seriously, you guys rock. We’ve been getting some amazing responses since the campaign went online, and news seems to be traveling quickly! We’ve been roaming some forums as well, getting some challenging questions and discussing what’s possible with our little system. So, if you have anything to add, questions, requests or if you want some more specifications on the systems, message us an we’ll get back to you asap, or even make it into a FAQ.

We’ve been getting a few questions on game support. We’re developing the emulation support with the following in mind: you download the software from us, install it on a microSD, pop it into the STARFORCE PI and you’re done! If we reach our EMU stretchgoal, you get this card bundled with your system – even easier! Now, if you want to add games, there are two options: you can have them already on the microSD, or you can have the games on a USB stick. Just stick it in an switch on your SFP. The games we’re allowed to distribute, we’ll make available on our website, but those that are under copyright are in a gray area: the developers don’t support them anymore but we’re not allowed to have them as ROMs. These games are generally easily found online though.

Here’s a little overview of what oldschool systems are supported by PiPlay & EmulationStation:


  • MAME – AdvanceMAME & MAME4ALL
  • CPS I / CPS II – Final Burn Alpha 
  • Neo Geo – GNGeo 
  • Playstation – pcsx-reARMed 
  • Genesis – DGen 
  • SNES – SNES9x 
  • NES – AdvMESS 
  • Gameboy – Gearboy 
  • Gameboy Advance – GPSP 
  • ScummVM 
  • Atari 2600 – Stella 
  • Cavestory – NXEngine 
  • Commodore 64 – VICE

PiPlay, or rather an older version of PiMame, is already running on the STARFORCE PI Prototype as you could see in the videos. So even before we’ve gone into active optimization of the emulation suites, we already have a package that works!


This has a pretty large library:

  • 3DO  
  • Amiga
  • Amstrad 
  • CPC 
  • Apple2 
  • Art 
  • Atari 2600/5200/7800 /800
  • Atari Jaguar /cd 
  • Atari ST 
  • Atari Falcon 
  • Atari XE 
  • C64 
  • Colecovision 
  • Intellivision 
  • Macintosh 
  • MAME 
  • Nintendo GameBoy/Color/Advance 
  • Nintendo N64 
  • Nintendo NES 
  • Nintendo SNES 
  • NeoGeo AES/MVS 
  • NeoGeo Pocket/PocketColor 
  • PC 
  • PC Engine/Turbo-GrafX 
  • PSx 
  • ScummVM 
  • Sega 32x 
  • Sega CD 
  • Sega GameGear 
  • Sega Master System 
  • Sega MegaDrive 
  • ZMachine 
  • ZX Spectrum

EmulationStation is actually targeted to the Raspberry Pi, and works great with the little card. The team are just 2 guys that do an amazing job, and they were so responsive to our request, we added them directly to our support stretchgoal. It works with any 4-button controller setup, so it should be easy enough to get working.

So, don’t forget to bug your friends to back us, tweet, like, share, shout, tattoo and graffiti us wherever you can and we can kickstart our campaign into reality!


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