It’s over 9000!!!

Even better, we’ve raised €11.000 already on Kickstarter in 24 hours! Hopefully this trend will continue, and we’ll definately try to push it along as best we can, but we’re very grateful so far! Thanks Backers!



4 thoughts on “It’s over 9000!!!

  1. I would have pledge it if it wasn’t for the 4 buttons,
    guys : 6 buttons and guaranteed compatibility with CPS-1-2-3 and you’d have something people would queue for when it’s out.


    1. It’s a fair point. We opted for a 4-button configuration because the internal spacing doesn’t allow for much room, unless you squeeze the buttons to a rather uncomfortable degree, which would also weaken the stability plate structure. In order to negotiate the internal spacing and keep a structurally sound perforation, a 6-buttons configuration would mean a significantly larger case if we are to retain the 24mm arcade buttons, which increases cost and decreases portability. Or we develop our own smaller buttons, reducing the arcade authenticity, and increasing the cost of development significantly. The arcade shield currently in development by Hartmut Wendt will however offer 6-button support. This way we have at least the possibility to explore a solution during the Solidworks model development for a 6 button configuration. Currently we can only concretely promise a 4-button system. However, as an alternative, we’ll be bringing 6+ button support to the system via input devices, so games with larger buttonmaps will still be supported. Thanks!


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