SFP GameCards: Proof-of-Concept

I currently have a microSD card with a few cool arcade games, but I’ve rigged it so it autostarts R-Type II with mame4all directly. Seeying as microSD cards are dirtcheap, I can just have a 1-2gb microSD card for each game optimized to work on the SFP without going through emulator menus etc. and put it in a cool case with some neat artwork around it. It’ll have a real old-school HuCard vibe.

It’d be easy and pretty cheap for developers to bring their games to an attractive physical medium at a price competitive to digital only version. As a proof-of-concept this already works, as can be seen in the videos, but this is thinking more long term of course. First thing is to bring the STARFORCE PI into production.

SFPGameCard_Rtype2 (1) SFPGameCards (1) SFPGameCards (2) SFPGameCards (3)


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