FB Lookback: Video

It’s pretty expensive and difficult to get 4:3 ratio screen these days, so we have to be clever. Firstly, we’re going with a 16:9 screen that’s cheap, and configure the emulator suite we’re using right now (PiPlay) to 4:3 ratio, running at 320×240 resolution. The unused part of the screen will likely have some light bleed through, giving these distracting black bars on the side. I hate these.

So we’ll probably cover them up with a 4:3 plastic window that sits on top of the screen. Secondly, the screen will be relatively deep behind the magnified window, and will be slightly tinted, so it deepens the black on the screen, without affecting the colors too much. The magnified, sunken effect also goes a long way with the arcade vibe, it’s really a nice feature that seems slight, but during gameplay is very enjoyable.

Additionally, I’m building the screen mount in such a way, that users can open up the SFP and fix the screen into either vertical/tate or horizontal position, so topdown and side scrollers can be played in the correct orientation. Should be good!



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