FB Lookback: Meet the Makers

So now it seems we’re really going for a full-fledged system on Kickstarter, it’s appropriate to introduce ourselves before you fork over your hard-earned cash!

The very talented Harmut Wendt has been instrumental in helping me build the STARFORCE PI prototypes, with an excellent little arcade kit and great technical support via his website hwhardsoft.de. He happily obliged to design a brand-new arcade shield for the console and further develop the system with me.

And I’m Marcel J. de Haan, designer of the SFP, but primarily: a gamer, old-school, kid in the 80’s, teenager in the 90’s, had a MegaDrive, always wanted a NeoGeo. But who can afford a NeoGeo or full Arcade cabinet, honestly, even now!? After trying multiple emulation solutions (NeoGeoX, AtGames, PC, Android) and being disappointed in all of them, I looked for decent bartop mods, but they’re like 300-400 euro and cumbersome. So, I built my own tabletop arcade that is portable, with true arcade controls, a real 80’s vibe and affordable (relatively). So convince your friends to support us: the STARFORCE PI is coming!



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