FB Lookback: Gameboy Philosophy

I’ve been getting some great feedback on AtariAge & Retrovideogamer, and I feel some of this would be good to repost here.

We’re loosely designing the system along the lines of Gameboy creator Gunpei Yokoi’s philosophy of Lateral Thinking of Withered Technology: ‘take mature technology which is cheap and well understood, and find new ways of using it. Toys and games do not necessarily require cutting edge technology: novel and fun gameplay are more important’. Hence the use of relatively cheap, replaceable, off-the-shelf components and building the case and arcade shield around it.

The tentative pricepoint I’ve mentioned of 199 euro for a fully loaded STARFORCE PI may be a bit too expensive for some people, but we’ll be offering base components as well! Then at least people that don’t want an all-in-one system can just get the SFP case to build their own game device, or just buy the arcade shield and connect their own screen, speakers, RasPi, joystick, buttons, etc. Hell, if you don’t need the battery in there, and you have your own rasPi, that’s 40-50 euro you’ve already saved!

So we’ll add some flexible reward tiers to our Kickstarter campaign, but our primary concern is an all-in-one gaming platform. Game On!



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