FB Lookback: Dreaming BIG

Our primary focus with the STARFORCE PI will be to bring you an attractive, modular design, with good arcade feedback and solid internals. Play it wherever you want, and access the multiplayer options of classic arcade games. Rather than developing our own emulator suite, we’d support existing ones to bring you a great experience, tailor-made for the SFP and easy to use.

It seems attainable, so we’re doing everything we can to make it a reality! But beyond bringing you a glorified emulator system (and we are going for Glory here), we’re hoping to extend the platform into licensed and original arcade games. One could argue that the confounding nature of having every SEGA game ever made on a cheap 2gb USB stick practically means that we attribute little value to the games, and the overwhelming choice keeps us from exploring them. As those impressive rows of cartridge cases with cool artwork have been replaced with a single, daunting list of titles, some of us are left with a nostalgic longing to an attractive, simple physical medium.

So besides preparing custom SD card trays, stickers, inlays, booklets, decals for existing arcade games that have been forgotten by time and publishers (see mockup below), we’d like to focus our stretchgoals to SOFTWARE! Specifically, original 16-bit style games or licensed older games adapted for the SFP. And because the RaspberryPi runs entirely off an SD card, a developer would be able to determine their own content and protection of their SFP Game Card, and even publish it themselves. It wouldn’t be exclusive to this console, but if it wants our ‘Nintendo Seal of Quality’ sticker on there, it would have to be a cool game in a nice package at a fair price – just like the STARFORCE PI.



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